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Ugandan Staff (Left to Right): Pastor James (Head Teacher); Pastor Philip (Director); Shelia (Receptionist); Mzee John (Daytime Security); Rick; Thomas (Bookkeeper); Esther (Director of Widows); Emma (Church planter in Kagera and maintenance for MLI); Vincent (Carpenter); Stanley (Teacher); Peace (Cook). Not shown is Paul Akise (MLI’s new teacher) and Julius (MLI’s teacher in Tanzania).

New Staff Teacher

 Pictured Left to Right — Brother Paul and  Pastor James (MLI’s head teacher).  Paul has recently come on board to assist Pastor Stanley and Pastor James with their teaching assignments. We  presently have 3 school in Uganda and 1 in Tanzania. Our students are trained and then they become involved  in disciplining other pastors and church leaders. We are seeking support for Pr Paul.

 Meeting with Staff Teacher Tanzania: 

Pictured Left to Right: Pastor Julius Lucinda (former MLI student and MLI teacher in Tanzania), Pastor Philip Tenywa (director), Pastor George Stanley (teacher), Pastor James Abalyawo (head teacher). MLI is meeting with Julius Lucinda MLI's teacher from Kigoma, Tanzania. We asked Pastor Julius to come to our office in Jinja and give a report regarding the MLI Christian Study Center in Tanzania. We are seeking support for Pastor Julius.

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