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Mission LINK International, Inc. was created to strengthen and support foreign missions and ministries. There is no better person to reach a country for Christ than a faithful indigenous missionary. The ultimate future goal of MLI is to hand developed ministries to committed/capable nationals. Over the years Mission Link International has established several satellite ministries (EquipNepal of Montana, EquipKenya of North Carolina, Literacy Link of Florida, Mission Link of Oregon.) The purpose was to expand the ministry but not build the base. All of these ministries have been encouraged to form their own 501(c)3 non-profit mission.

Three Main Objectives


Linking with indigenous (those native to their land) missionaries and ministries to encourage and strengthen their work. Mission Link's director in Kenya is a prime example.


Pastor Euticuals Wambua has accomplished a tremendous work in the Korogocho Slums ministering to both young and old. 

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Equipping Pastors is another major task of Mission Link International  The goal is to establish schools to equip men of God. In Jinja, Uganda a school has begun to raise up nationals to reach their country for Christ.

Since 2012, we have been teaching through satellite schools in remote villages throughout Uganda.


African Widows Ministry has been established to assist the thousands of widows who struggle to survive. We have recently started building homes for widows that own land.

Mission Link currently helps widows in two remote villages. Once all widows there are receiving support, we will look into bringing more widows under our care from a third location.


Though we have been in many places of the world, MLI's primary focus (but not limited to)  is East Africa. Below is a list of our major objectives:

  • To be the liaison between churches in America and indigenous missions/ministries worldwide that physical and spiritual needs be communicated and addressed.

  • Training Christian workers in foreign countries through various venues including: Evangelical clergymen from the United States of America traveling to countries to teach; providing pastoral schools for training; producing manuals to help instruct the national; etc.

  • USA Mission Teams: Church planting/evangelism teams from the United States of America assisting indigenous missions and ministries.

  • Provide Bibles, Christian tracts, Christian teaching aids & supplies, etc.

  • Working through indigenous missions/ministries in providing assistance to people faced with adversity caused by floods, earthquakes, droughts, famine, disease, poverty, sickness, prejudice, persecution or other factors.

  • To be the "link" for believers/churches who want to assist in building churches, clinics, schools, etc.


Mission LINK International’s purpose is not to send American missionaries to the field but to support and encourage the work of indigenous mission/ministries already established. Ideally, Mission Link seeks to work through an established USA missionary when possible.

Important Shift

Mission Link International has discovered through years of experience that national ministers and laity must understand a major point regarding discipleship: The Christian message is validated through the way one lives his or her life. Deception is rampant among many nationals especially in poverty areas.  The hope and prayer of MLI is to raise up mature disciples to be LIVING examples of the "Christ-like life" who can in-turn help raise up mature believers to go to the nations. Rick spends many months each year in Africa promoting this truth.

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